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Answers Corporation (ANSW)®, the leading Q&A site, is dedicated to providing useful answers to questions about anything. includes WikiAnswers® and ReferenceAnswersTM. WikiAnswers is a community-generated social knowledge Q&A platform, leveraging wiki-based technologies. Through the contributions of the community, our questions and answers are continuously growing, improving and being updated, to form the world's greatest Q&A database. ReferenceAnswers provides trusted editorial content on millions of topics licensed from the world's top reference publishers.

According to November 2009 data by comScore, had approximately 50 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S., ranking the site within the top 20 U.S. Web properties for that month, and approximately 75 million unique visitors worldwide, making the site hit the list for top 30 properties worldwide.

Our goal is to become the Internet's best place for people to find and share answers to questions.

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