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As it appeared in THE JERUSALEM POST
Tuesday, February 10, 1998


Sir, - In "Bill's problem and ours," (Feb. 6), Jonathan Rosenblum spews out numerous allegations, rather than proven facts about President Bill Clinton and takes a few extra shots at assassinated president John F. Kennedy.

Every human is flawed, one flaw being to sometimes believe in the worst one hears and to accept it as truth. Rosenblum professes to know the "Jewish view" of morality, conscience and self-discipline.

A morally disciplined writer should say when something has been "alleged," instead of reporting it as fact. An indictment, for example, is not a finding of guilt. Rosenblum says "we have come a long way from the days that JFK romped in the White House."

This is the way rumors have made a lot of money for various writers and publishers, regardless of credibility. Circumstantial and hearsay evidence rooted in greed, hatred or fear of change can not be substitutes for fact finding and responsible reporting of the news.

Some of us have come a long way, Mr. Rosenblum, from the days of John Kennedy: the nuclear test ban treaty, the civil rights act and the Peace Corps, to name a few facts. Some of us are challenged to improve our character and we do so, not by character assassination, but in our pursuit of justice, regardless if it be the common man or the president of the United States. It is done in the light of truth, and not in the darkness of hearsay and innuendo.

Tel Aviv

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