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Friday, April 25, 2003

Return Unto Zion

Special Commentary

Holon, Israel -- The Holocaust did not end with Hitler's ovens, but continues in a new form appearing on the buses of Israel's cities, at a wedding, a holiday or Sabbath festivity, and many other places throughout Israel in the form of terrorist suicide mass murderers.

Our existence as the Jewish people and as the State of Israel cannot depend solely on the good will of the United States or the tolerance, which is practically non-existent, of the United Nations. The land of Israel was not just given as a gift to us as something to own, but as biblically stated, "to go in and possess the land" - because without physically inhabiting the land of Israel, others might come in and possess that which we cast aside as just another possession.

The Palestinian leadership makes no secret of their inciteful wish to make Jerusalem "their" capital.

Previous attempts by the United Nations to equate Zionism with racism were tantamount to anyone who would try to equate Nazism with democracy and freedom.

We are not perceived by our neighbors or the world now as the weaker newborn nation we once were, as David was perceived when he went up against the giant Goliath. Do we have to be in a weak position, as was David, before we can begin to loudly proclaim our dreams and aspirations? It seems that whenever history has it that we forget and cast them aside, our enemies act against us, as they continue to do now, which serves to remind us.

Our dream is not to return unto Mecca, but to return unto Zion, and has remained silent as we opted to just live in peace - yet we do not live in peace, we have no love from the world, and we continue to have very little if any tolerance from our neighbors.

The news media speak almost daily about "occupied territories," yet fail to admit and clearly state that the holiest occupied territory of all is the Temple Mount, where mosques were erected on the very ground that is the Holy Temple of the Jewish people.

Preferably, the mosques must be relocated by peaceful means. The mosques had no business ever being built on this spot, which is and has been known by all peoples of all nations throughout history as the most holy and sacred place of the Jewish people. Our people need not apologize for this, but should have long ago received an apology from those who twice destroyed the Holy Temple of the Jewish people and now from those who wrongfully continue to occupy its holy site.

We must proclaim that our dream is not only to live in peace or to just be tolerated; but as the Jewish people, the children of Israel we wish, as it is written and said in the silent whispers of our daily prayers, to "rebuild the Temple speedily in our days ..." and as it is sung in the Hatikva, our national anthem, "To be a free people in our land - the land of Zion and Jerusalem."


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