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About Business and the Holocaust

Business and the Holocaust from Stock MavenŽ provides information leading up to the Holocaust showing major ties between corporations and the Nazis with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports, war crimes trial transcripts, government and organization resources.

Many people have contributed their time and diverse talents to help me with Business and the Holocaust. Some have spent many hours at libraries searching through reels of old newspaper microfilm, each demonstrating great patience and having been very helpful with my persistent inquiries.

Company history is an integral part of comprehensive stock research.

"Presenting history as it was, without attempting to conceal any of it, serves more to protect our people - and all people - from history repeating itself." Yosef Cohen - The Jewish Press, Friday April 11, 2003

About Yosef Cohen

Creator, owner and webmaster of site section Business and the Holocaust and of site Stock MavenŽ.

Born in Chicago in 1952

Graduated from Yeshiva High School Class of 1970 and studied at The Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois.

Articles have appeared in The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Jewish News, The Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, The Jewish Sentinel, The Lerner Newspapers, The Los Angeles Times, and The Post Tribune.

Lives in Holon, Israel.


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    • Max Wallace

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