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  • Anti-Semitism: The Road to the Holocaust and Beyond
    by Charles Patterson, Ph.D.
    Chapter One

  • Counted for Persecution; IBM's Role in the Holocaust
    by Merry Madway Eisenstadt
    Washington Jewish Week
    September 17, 1998

  • Daimler-Benz in the Third Reich
    by Neil Gregor
    VI. Big Business and Racial Barbarism: Labour at Daimler-Benz 1939-45
    4-c) The Racial Hierarchy Completed: Daimler-Benz and Jewish Forced Labour 1942-4

  • Ford and the Führer
    by Ken Silverstein
    New Documents Reveal the Close Ties Between Dearborn and the Nazis.
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Ford Motor Company

  • Henry Ford: From Slaughterhouse to Death Camp
    by Charles Patterson, Ph.D.
    Excerpt from Chapter 3 of  Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust
    Company names appearing in this excerpt are:
    • Ford Motor Company

  • IBM and the Holocaust:
    The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation
    by Edwin Black
    Company names appearing in this excerpt are:
    • IBM (International Business Machines)

  • Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford and His War on Jews
    by Jonathan R. Logsdon
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    This paper traces the anti-Semitic activities of automobile manufacturer Henry Ford.
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Ford Motor Company

  • Return Unto Zion
    by Yosef Cohen
    The Holocaust did not end with Hitler's ovens, but continues in a new form appearing on the buses of Israel's cities, at a wedding, a holiday or Sabbath festivity, and many other places throughout Israel in the form of terrorist suicide mass murderers...
    Friday, April 25, 2003

  • The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of the Third Reich
    by Max Wallace
    Excerpt From Chapter 12
    There is substantial evidence that, before December 1941, Dearborn was highly complicit in strengthening the German war machine, becoming, in the words of a post-war US military report, "an arsenal of Nazism."
    Company names appearing in this excerpt are:
    • Ford Motor Company

  • The Secret History of World War II
    The Boston Globe
    March 11 - December 3, 2001
    The Boston Globe reexamines the history of World War II in light of the release of millions of previously classified documents. This series is based on some of the more than 3 million files the CIA is declassifying as part of a global effort to unlock the last stash of secrets about World War II war crimes.

  • The Secret (Insurance) Agent Men
    by Mark Fritz
    Los Angeles Times
    September 22, 2000
    American insurance companies had been competing furiously for overseas business even after the United States entered the war, and the OSS files suggest that details about U.S. factories and cities were falling into enemy hands because of the interlocking international relationships among insurance companies.
    The documents also said that two New York insurance executives, Cecil Stewart and Stewart Hopps, also came under scrutiny for selling war insurance to strategic U.S. industries and reselling some of the risk to Latin American affiliates linked to Nazi insurers. The men also ran a steamship company that chartered tankers for Royal Dutch Shell, a Nazi collaborator that used [Adolf Hitler]'s slave laborers.
    When the tide of the war began to turn and German insurers began losing money, the U.S. insurance agents learned that Nazi insurers were pleading for peace. A source in Stockholm revealed in late 1943 that insurers advised Hitler's people that "ruin threatens all life and fire insurance companies in Germany." WWII unit gathered underwriters’ data, such as bomb plant blueprints, from warring nations, declassified U.S. files show.

    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • American International Group (USA)
    • Munich Re Group (Germany)
    • Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands)
    • Swiss Reinsurance (Switzerland)

  • The Transfer Agreement:
    The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine
    by Edwin Black
    Excerpts from Three Chapters:
    Chapter One 1 |  2 |  3   Chapter Two 1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7   Chapter Three 1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  8
    Company names appearing in these excerpts are:
    • Ford Motor Company

  • Redeeming The Hope
    by Yosef Cohen
    The Jewish Press
    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

  • Time To Leave The 1920's Behind Us
    by Yosef Cohen
    The Jewish people were silent during the early 1920's when anti-Semitism was spawned by Henry Ford in his Dearborn Independent newspaper. Ford's articles inspired a young Adolf Hitler and helped pave the road to the Holocaust. A compilation of Ford's articles was later published in book form, and to this day The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem continues to inculcate hatred of Jews.
    Friday, April 11, 2003
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Ford Motor Company

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