How To Become An Investor

Investing is a valuable skill that can be extremely useful in securing your financial future.

However, it’s not easy to get started unless you are driven to learn, committed, and have adopted the mindset of a great investor.

It can be daunting to begin your investment journey, however with this guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to start making waves in the world of investing. 

Find Investing Resources

The first thing you need to do before you start investing is to get your hands on the right resources. 

You don’t need a formal education to become a successful investor, but this can be a double-edged sword.

It means that anyone can learn how to invest, but there are no guidelines when it comes to doing so.

It’s easy to come across inaccurate information about investing, of which there is plenty. 

To find credible investing resources, you need to do your research and pay attention to what experienced investors are saying about the resources out there.

A simple online search won’t be enough. You need to look at different resources and compare them to make sure they’re credible.

You can easily find out what advanced investors are saying on respected websites and YouTube channels.

Learn The Basics

Once you have accurate information and resources at your disposal, you can start learning the basics of investing. 

There are a couple of terms you should familiarize yourself with, as well as basic information you need to know about the stock market and steps you need to take before becoming a credible investor.

It’s all about learning the language of business.

You can find out about the basics from one of your resources and by speaking to other investors who may be able to guide you through this learning curve.

Adopt Good Investing Habits

You should begin by making sure you adopt some healthy investing habits when starting out in the stock market.

Firstly, one of the best habits you can have is to read all the information available to you.

The more you read, the more you know, which will help you make better investment decisions.

You can avoid almost all of the bad investing habits just by reading.

Keep up to date with current events, news reports about companies you’re interested in, and stock news. 

You should also read about successful investors and how they came to the position they’re in today.

Investors like Warren Buffet have annual newsletters to help you stay in the know. You can learn a lot about investing from the big names in the game.

Finally, always think about investments in the long term.

Consider investing in companies that are on track to be bigger and better in the future, as they will be a very profitable investment. 

Stop Bad Investing Habits

Even as a beginner, you may have already adopted some bad habits. It’s vital that you realize what those habits are, and ditch them promptly. 

Habits such as investing for the short term, not researching your investments, and investing at the wrong time can result in you crashing and burning before you’ve even truly begun. 

It’s also detrimental to you and your investments if you see investing as a way to get rich quickly.

Investing successfully takes time, so it’s important to ditch those preconceptions, along with those bad habits.

Make A “Promise”

To become a great investor, you need to make a commitment to it if you want to be successful.

This is where you should make a promise to yourself to stick with it and take investing seriously.

Deciding to invest is a serious decision and a responsibility.

It takes long term dedication to get a good outcome, so you should make a promise to yourself to keep going no matter the setbacks.

Schedule Your Investing

Schedule Your Investing

You should commit at least 15 minutes a week to investing when kickstarting your investment plan.

It may require more time in the future, however, 15 minutes a week is all you need to get to grips with it.

During this time, you can check in on the stock market and the companies you’re considering investing in, making necessary adjustments if you need to.

Do Research

Being an investor means that you’re constantly researching and taking in all the information you can, both passively and actively. 

It’s very rewarding to learn about the companies you are interested in.

You should be an expert on every company you have shares in to make the most out of your investment and to stay informed. 

Control Your Emotions

To make a profit from investing, you need to know how to control your emotions. 

The main reason why the stock market fluctuates so much is the fear and greed of emotional investors.

Being nervous about investing is understandable as it’s your money on the line. You could end up selling everything and missing out on a huge profit.

On the other hand, it can be easy to let greed get the better of you by buying everything you see. 

It’s vital that you make wise and well-thought out decisions when investing to get the best return you can.

Be Patient

No one likes to wait, but if you want to be a great investor, you have to master patience first.

Whether you’re waiting for a big return or for your most desirable company to start selling stocks, being patient is the key to success.

Being patient with the market means that you’ll be able to buy and sell stocks with a larger margin of safety.

This means your investments are more protected and more likely to succeed.

Don’t expect investing to make you rich overnight because the money will only start rolling in when you resist the temptation of buying and selling immediately.


With this guide, you’ll be able to get a headstart as a beginner investor and make the most out of your investments.

It will help you become successful, while also remaining logical and level-heading as you delve into the stock market.

Luke Baldwin

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