Is Silver A Good Investment? [Everything You Need To Know]

There’s always a lot of talk about gold in the investor community, but have you ever thought about investing in silver? 

Is Silver a Good Investment? [Everything You Need To Know]

Not many people are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of investing in silver, so most current and potential investors remain unaware of whether or not silver is a good investment. 

If you want to find out whether investing in silver could benefit you and your portfolio, keep reading!

We’ll be discussing why you might want to invest in silver, the types of factors that can impact silver prices, and where to begin when it comes to investing in this precious metal. 

Reasons To Invest In Silver 

We’re going to talk about some things that impact the price of silver, including factors that cause silver prices to go down, in a moment. However, overall, there are many good reasons to invest in silver! 

For one thing, the current state of the global economy has caused a massive rise in the prices of precious metals, including silver, making silver a valuable investment. 

Since it’s a physical asset, investing in silver is also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

If you invest in silver alongside other assets like stocks and bonds, then changing market conditions will be less likely to impact you in a significant, negative way later down the line. 

While it’s true that all precious metals can offer opportunities for diversification, silver is one of the more accessible options in terms of pricing (see also ‘What Is Theta In Options?‘).

An ounce of silver will cost you less than $30 at the current price, so even if you don’t have much capital to play with, you should be able to make a silver investment work for you. 

Silver Prices: Influencing Factors 

Although silver can clearly be a very good investment in terms of diversification and cost, you should be aware of factors that might impact the price of silver in the future before you invest. 

Strength Of Currency 

It’s important to bear in mind that silver, like other precious metals, has an inverse relationship with the dollar. 

This explains why silver prices, during the current economic crisis, are higher than ever. However, if the US dollar gets stronger again, silver prices will go back down.

Therefore, if you’re planning to invest in silver, you will need to pay attention to the state of the economy on a consistent basis moving forward. 

Practical Demand 

There is a high demand for silver across multiple industries.

It’s used to make electrical appliances and medical devices amongst other things, and the demand for silver is a major contributing factor to the increase in prices. 

Even if the inverse relationship with the US dollar causes silver prices to decrease, you can be fairly sure that the practical demand for silver will mean that it remains a worthwhile investment. 

Fiscal Policy

Interest rates, inflation, and government policy regarding silver bullion purchases all come under the umbrella of fiscal policy. 

Fiscal policy is largely responsible for lower interest rates and inflation that make silver a good investment at the current time. 

Silver Investment Strategy

Silver Investment Strategy

If you’re interested in investing in silver, you’ll need to have some kind of strategy in place, at least regarding where to start.

The easiest way to start investing in silver is by purchasing silver bullion.

Silver coins or bars are also a good alternative as long as you purchase from a trusted outlet, although you will need to factor in storage costs and the premium attached to physical silver. 

If you’d rather not purchase and hold onto silver in physical form, you can also invest in silver stocks.

Examples of this are companies responsible for mining or producing silver.

There isn’t much difference between the price of silver stocks and physical silver, but you won’t have to pay for storage or premium, which could be an added benefit. 

There’s also the option of investing in silver through mutual funds or ETFs.

Since silver prices can fluctuate due to the factors listed above, it’s good to diversify with alternative silver investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Silver Be Worth in 2030?

It’s hard to say with certainty how much silver will be worth in the best part of a decade’s time, but experts believe, based on trends in the value of the US dollar, that silver will likely be worth $13.42 per ounce in 2030. 

Will Silver Ever Reach $100 an Ounce?

It is technically possible that silver could reach a value of $100 an ounce.

Experts say that for this to happen, inflation would need to continue to the point where it hits the double digits by the end of 2023, so only time will tell. 

Should I Invest in Gold or Silver?

This is a complicated question. Silver is more affordable and accessible than gold, which means it could be a suitable investment for investors who don’t have much capital to work with.

Its value is also easier to predict because of the inverse correlation between the cost of silver and the US dollar’s value. 

However, if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and prioritize value, gold might be the better option for you since it’s more expensive.

Whether investing in gold or silver makes more sense for you will largely depend on your financial situation, the state of your portfolio, and your long-term investment goals. 

Final Thoughts 

Silver is largely a good investment because it sells for accessible prices and you can fairly easily predict changes in its value based on trends in the economy. 

If you want to diversify your portfolio, silver is also a good investment, especially in physical form or in the form of ETFs and mutual funds. 

With that being said, the fact remains that if the US dollar appreciates in value, silver will depreciate in value, so this is something you’ll need to pay consistent attention to if you choose to add a silver investment to your portfolio.

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