What Does Tendies Mean In Stocks?

Understanding the stock market is essential if you want to make the most of the situation. Investing becomes more and more popular and accessible every day.

What Does Tendies Mean In Stocks?

The term tendies has emerged from the middle of nowhere, but what does it mean? Let’s explore the term and understand its meaning. 

What Is The Meaning Of Tendies?

If we put it simply, tendies mean a reward. In investing, tendies is a slang word.

When it originated, it started being used as a slang term that describes money that is made from a stock. In other words, tendies are earnings that you make from the stock market. 

Where Does The Word Tendies Originate From?

The term tendies first showed its face on 4chan which is an internet board. This internet board is often used by males who are very nerdy and play a huge part in the stock market. 

NEET is an acronym that they have used to describe themselves. In the r9k forum, these men described themselves as ‘not in education, employment or training’. 

The term tendies comes from this idea of a stereotypical male who is motivated by the one perk – which in this case is a NEET being motivated by the money you can earn from stocks.

It is evocative of a child who will only eat chicken tenders and these chicken tenders are used to reward the child for good behavior. 

So, these boys see the money that they gain from stocks as ‘good-boy points’, and refer to them as tendies.

How Did This Work Enter Investing Lingo? 

Investing memes are very common, and it usually happens that one meme triggers another one. WallStreetBets is where a lot of the terminology comes from. 

How To Use The Word In A Sentence? 

If you want to be able to use the word ‘tendies’, you need to make sure that you know exactly how to use it so as to avoid any confusion or embarrassment.

You can use this word to brag about how many tendies you have made.

For instance, you can say ‘I made more tendies today than yesterday.’ You can also use the word to boast about how many you expect to make next time.

Usage Of The Term Tendies 

Usage Of The Term Tendies 

In recent years, the term tendies has made its way out into the real world rather than just online.

Grocery store Aldi has been spotted using a ‘chicken tendies’ sign to advertise chicken tenders to show themselves up in the ranks.

Popeye, the fast food chain, has also recently used the term. They are offering chicken tendies for free with every $5 purchase that you make. Wendy’s have also done some advertising through the tendies talk. 

Other Terms 

Tendies is just one of a lot of different memes that have been used by WallStreetBets – a Reddit community. Let’s have a look at some others! 


Bagholiding is a slang term to mean an investor who is holding onto a fallen stock hoping that it will go back up in value. 

Diamond Hands

This refers to someone who is a long-term investor. They hold onto stock for a long time. They take part in investing using a buy and hold strategy.

Paper Hands

This refers to someone who sells early because they are scared that they will end up losing lots of money. They usually sell out of fear.


An autist is someone who knows what they’re doing and actually does the due diligence. An autist is a very offensive term and the slur is very much intended.

However, this term is slightly different because it is sometimes used to refer to someone who is not very informed, stupid or irresponsible. This term is also used as shorthand for a disclaimer to explain who someone is.


BTFD stands for Buy the F-ing Dip. This invokes a term which urges people to buy into a stock that has declined in cost. 


This is an abbreviation for Due Diligence. This is an example of an in-depth post which highlights the vulnerabilities of the financial system.


Stonks is a slang term for stocks. Users often celebrate these gains by eating and posting pictures of themselves with chicken tenders. 


YOLO is an acronym. It stands for you only live once. This is used to highlight reckless behavior and so it is used in stocks to highlight investing in risky stocks.

When Did The Term Become Popular?

The term tendies became popular around the middle of the 2010’s, so it is a relatively new abbreviation.

It was made famous on the website 4chan. During the term’s rise to popularity, it was used in offensive posts which is similar to many of the terms that emerge from this site. 

Most of the posts included fictional stories about adult men who called chicken tenders – their favorite foods – tendies.

This was used to point out their immaturity. Some of these characters were described as being autistic, which should not be used in this way. 

In 2016, the term spread over to the WallStreetBets reddit page. This happened because lots of users who are on 4chan would also be on this reddit site.

The usage of the term developed from referring to how the profits would be spent, to a way to refer to the profits. 

In 2021, tendies gained wider attention and became a lot more mainstream. This is because of the forum’s role in meme stocks.

Tendies is used often now, as it is used in grocery stores to promote their chicken tenders, monopolizing on the term tendies.

This term is now entering the mainstream consciousness and it is becoming much more commonly used.

Final Thoughts 

So, now you know what we mean when we refer to tendies so you should be much more aware of the abbreviations used to talk about stocks.

There are lots of slang terms floating around when we talk about stocks, so you should make sure that you understand the terminology surrounding this.

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