What Is ATH In Stocks?

Because investing in the stock market involves learning a lot of financial terminology, abbreviations are frequently used. The problem with this is that when you come across the abbreviation before the term it represents, things can get confusing.

What Is ATH In Stocks

One abbreviation you’ll definitely come across if you get serious about investing in stocks is ATH. 

If you’re curious to find out what ATH means, when it might be used, which assets it applies to, and basically anything else you could want to know, read on! 

What Does ATH Stand For?

Let’s start with the basics: the letters ATH stand for All Time High. But what does this mean in the context of stocks? 

If a stock has risen to the point that it is higher than it has ever been in its entire history, or in the past 52 weeks, it can be described as hitting an all time high. For the sake of brevity, this is shortened to ATH. 

Which Assets Can Have An ATH?

The term ATH or all time high can be applied to stocks when they reach an unprecedented peak. However, this is not the only type of asset that can be said to have an all time high. 

Actually, the term ATH is most commonly used in relation to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a good example of this. In the context of cryptocurrency.

An ATH is wonderful news for those who have invested in the coin because it means that investors could sell for an amount that exceeds their initial investment cost. 

With that being said, a coin or stock reaching an ATH doesn’t necessarily mean that it will continue to rise in the future.

On the contrary, stocks and coins that reach the point of an ATH very quickly and suddenly often crash soon after. This is why an ATH is often a sign to investors that they should sell. 


ATH should not be confused with ATL when it comes to stocks or other assets. In fact, it means the exact opposite. 

While ATH stands for all time high, ATL means all time low. ATL is an abbreviation that you won’t see as often as ATH.

Although if a stock or coin has completely crashed to the point that it is lower than the original price at the time of listing, it might be described as having hit an ATL. 

ATL is an abbreviation that is also used when a company has decreased in value, often following some kind of scandal.

A company that is listed publicly might suffer from a scandal in the sense that its stock prices fall suddenly to the point that they are less valuable than ever before. In financial news, this would be described as an ATL. 

When To Consider ATH

When To Consider ATH

Now that you know what an ATH is in the context of the stock market, you can start thinking about how you might use this information to make the most out of your investments. 

If you’re considering investing in an asset and you see that it has reached several successive ATHs, you might take this as an opportunity to invest.

It’s generally good advice to invest at a high point when it comes to stocks, as long as there is some evidence to demonstrate that the trend will continue. Multiple ATHs are a good indicator of this. 

Moreover, statistics show that the average positive return for stocks that hit an ATH is 74%, with just 26% negative returns on stocks after an ATH. This is by no means conclusive data, though, so again, it shouldn’t be used as a guideline by itself. 

It is important not to use an ATH alone as a guide for your investment strategy. An ATH should only inform your investments in conjunction with other factors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find Stock’s ATH Price History?

If you’re thinking about investing in stock, it’s a good idea to look at its price history, including any ATHs and ATLs. 

The easiest way to look at stock price histories is by searching for them on a site that is dedicated to the stock market. Finance Yahoo is a great place to start.

This site enables you to look at trends in stock price history and see where the stock last hit an ATH and how many times it has done so since its original listing. 

What Is Bitcoin’s All Time High?

While we are primarily concerned with ATH as it relates to stocks for the purposes of this article, one of the most frequently asked questions about ATH and investments is what Bitcoin’s all time high is. 

As of 2021, Bitcoin’s ATH has been $68,000. This means that in 2021, Bitcoin’s value rose by over $38,000. 

What Is TSE:ATH?

Although the letters ATH on their own refer to all time highs in terms of the stock market, if you see ATH prefaced by TSE:, this is not the same thing.

TSE:ATH is actually referring to Athabasca Oil Corporation, which is a Canadian energy company in which investors can buy shares.


ATH, in the context of stocks and other assets such as cryptocurrency, stands for all time high. If a stock hits an all time high, this means that it has reached the highest point since its original listing or in the past 52 weeks. 

This is not to be confused with ATL, which has an opposing meaning and signifies assets that have reached their lowest point since listing.

The ATH statistics for stocks or cryptocurrency can help you to make a decision regarding when to invest and when to sell.

However, you should never use ATH alone as an indicator of the continued success of an asset because it’s impossible to predict continued rises or crashes without the involvement of other factors. 

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Luke Baldwin