How To Buy VW Stocks

If you invest in the stock market, then it is likely that you are always looking for new stocks and shares to invest your money in.

There are lots of industries that trade on the stock market, and there are a number of large companies that you can purchase shares in.

How To Buy VW Stocks

If you are interested in investing in the automotive industry, then you might have considered VW stocks. 

VW is the acronym for Volkswagen AG, known internationally as the Volkswagen Group. They are a German multinational automobile manufacturer, and their cars are sold all over the world.

So, if you are interested in purchasing stocks in this sector, it is understandable that you might consider buying VW stocks. 

But how do you buy VW stocks? Keep on reading to find out this and lots more! 

What Are VW Stocks?

First things first, let’s take a look at what VW stocks are. As we have mentioned, VW stands for Volkswagen AG, a.k.a. The Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen is a German multinational automotive manufacturer that is well known across the world for the cars that they produce.

The company was founded in 1937, and one of the most famous cars they have ever produced is the Beetle. 

As you would probably guess, VW stocks are stocks of Volkswagen AG. Under German law, Volkswagen is a public limited company.

Up until 1960, the company was nationalized, but in 1960, the German government sold 60% of Volkswagen’s stock to the public, and since then they have been traded on the stock market. 

After being denationalized, VW quickly became available on the US Stock Market.

Since then, the company has openly traded on the stock exchange, and they have become a popular option for those wanting to purchase automotive stocks.

Now that we know what VW stocks are, let’s take a look at how easy they are to buy.

Are They Easy To Buy?

Yes, generally speaking, VW stocks are easy to purchase. As we have mentioned, VW is a public limited company under German law.

Due to this, they are able to trade on the stock market, and their stocks have been publicly traded for over 60 years. 

Of course, if you are new to trading in the stock market, then you might find VW stocks trickier to purchase.

This is simply because you might lack experience with purchasing stocks in general, not because VW stocks are more difficult to purchase than other stocks. 

So, if you are interested in purchasing VW stocks, you probably want to know how to do this. After all, that’s why you’re reading this guide. So, let’s take a look at how to buy VW stocks. 

How To Buy VW Stocks

How To Buy VW Stocks

As we have said, buying VW stocks isn’t tricky at all. As long as you know what you are doing, then you will find the process simple. If you don’t know what you are doing, follow these steps to buy VW stocks. 

Step 1 – Choose A Trading Platform

If you are interested in purchasing VW stocks, the first thing that you will need to do is choose a trading platform.

Should you already be somebody who is actively investing in the stock market, then you will likely already have a trading platform of choice. If you are new to this, then you will want to compare trading platforms before you get started.

One of the best trading platforms for beginners is etoro. The platform is very user friendly, and it is a great option if you are just finding your feet with trading.

Once you gain more experience with trading, you might find that you want to move on to another platform that is more advanced. There are lots of options to choose from.

Step 2 – Open An Account

Once you have chosen your platform, you then need to set up a trading account with the company. This is usually very straightforward, and most companies will simply have a “sign up” button on their website. 

After you click on the “sign up” button, you will usually be taken through to a page where you fill out an application form.

You might need to provide supporting documentation of your identity to set up a trading account. Once you have done this, you simply need to wait for your application to be accepted, and then you can start trading.

Step 3 – Confirm Payment Account

When you set up a trading account, you will need to attach a bank account to it. This is essential as you will not be able to purchase shares if you haven’t got the funds to purchase them.

Essentially, your payment account will fund your trading account, so make sure that you attach payment details for an account that has funds in it. 

Step 4 – Research VW Stocks

Once you are set up on your trading platform, you will be able to research VW stocks on the platform. Search for the stock by name and you will be taken to a dedicated page for that company.

This page will supply you with all the important information for these stocks, including their current market value.

This information will allow you to decide for certain if these stocks are the right choice for you.

Step 5 – Purchase Your Shares 

On the same page that holds all the information about VW stocks, you will also be able to purchase shares. Typically, there will be a button labeled “trade” which you can click on to proceed to the purchase.

You can either purchase shares at the time of research, or wait till a later date. During this section, you will be asked how many shares you want to purchase depending on the funds that you have.

Then all that is left is to complete the purchase, and you will have bought your VW shares.


In short, buying VW stocks is incredibly simple. In this guide, we have taken a look at how to buy VW stocks, with step-by-step instructions.

Thank you for reading!

Luke Baldwin