How To Do A Backdoor Roth IRA Using Vanguard

If you’re looking to backdoor Roth your IRA using Vanguard, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Do A Backdoor Roth IRA Using Vanguard?

Today we are going to guide you through a step-by-step process to get this achieved.

This is a great way to contribute to a Roth IRA for those with a high income, as when earning too much can contribute directly to a Roth IRA.

What Is A Backdoor Roth IRA?

This is an unofficial type of retirement account used for high-income taxpayers to be able to create a pearly tax-free Roth IRA, even if incomes exceed the limit that a tax law prescribes for regular Roth owners.

Many high-income earners will likely spend too much to make a Roth IRA payment, and that’s why you can use a backdoor method to make a Roth IRA contribution of around 6000 or $7,000 if at the age or over 50.

In other words, if you make too much money and want to get a tax deduction from a traditional IRA, you can make a non-deductible contribution which means that nothing will change on a tax and you’ll have more money in your IRA.

However, once it’s time to remove that money then the gains are taxed as an income.

This means that you get no deduction on the way in but you will get tax-free growth over the years, but gains are taxed on the way out.

An Overview Of A Backdoor Roth IRA

One thing to note is that you cannot have the tax-deferred money in a traditional IRA, or simple IRA in your name.

This means that you’ll be subject to taxes when making your conversion per the protocol.

If you do own one of these accounts and you’re not hosed, you will need to have a strategy to move that money somewhere else for the backdoor Roth strategy won’t work.

If your current balance in the IRA or IRA is small and you can afford taxes on the conversion, you can convert it all to Roth and just pay tax on the conversion. Ideal for those in a lower tax bracket, such as a student or residents.

Employees (see also ‘What Are Vested Stocks?‘) may also want to roll the IRA into a 401K plan, however not all plans will accept rollovers so bear this in mind.

It might be prudent to avoid having a Sep IRA, and you can do this by placing your independent contractor earnings into a 401K instead.

Backdoor Roth IRA Guide

Backdoor Roth IRA Guide

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are the steps to creating a backdoor Roth IRA using Vanguard.

Make A Non-Deductible IRA Contribution

The first step is to make a non-deductible IRA contribution. Login to Vanguard and then head to My Accounts and then Balance & Holdings. Here you can locate your traditional IRA brokerage account.

Click on the arrow next to it with the option to Buy & Sell, then select Contribute To IRA.

It will ask you if it’s a rollover from a separate tax-deferred account. As it isn’t you can select the ‘no’ option.

Towards the bottom, you should choose the year for which you want to make this contribution counts. As this is a hey 2020 tutorial, your place $6000 in the 2022 slot. But convert this to the year that you wish to make it.

If you’re aged 50 or older and still earn an income, you get the option to have $7,000 per year to contribute.

You need to tell vanguards where the money is coming from and then you’ll be asked to review the payment and submit it.

Make sure to double-check the contribution for the desired tax year before proceeding.

You may then be asked to consent to electronic delivery of the funds, which may only be an option if you have yet to go paperless. Go ahead and Submit once you are ready.

Convert To Roth IRA

Before starting this step it is worth pointing out that there needs to be a validation process, and you were unable to convert it right away without getting a roadblock.

Therefore you need to wait for vanguard to allow you to do this, and you can check by logging into your accounts to see when you can move forward. This may take up to a week,

You need to click Convert to Roth IRA, which should be able to be actioned, even if there is a message saying the account has unavailable shares.

If you scroll down the page you can select the option Convert all of the accounts. Since money has already been paid and you have been taxed, the conversion shouldn’t cost anything.

Select the checkbox that confirms you do not want to elect to withhold federal and state income taxes and continue onto the next screen.

The next screen reports back what you have selected and ensure that you look over it before submitting your Roth conversion.

Invest In The Roth IRA

You complete the rock version on the 3rd business day of the year, but if you were to stop there then the money would be sitting as cash with a small interest rate that doesn’t keep up.

A Roth IRA allows you to hold assets that are tax-inefficient that will appreciate in value and much more.

Once a Roth conversion is completed, you can go back to your accounts and see that your $6,000 Roth conversion is now available to be traded.

It might still show the message that you have unavailable shares, but this can be ignored as it doesn’t stop you from investing.

Click on Buy and Sell and then select Buy Vanguard funds.

You can then select an index fund,  and before you submit make sure you look over all the details before proceeding.

Final Thoughts

Above are the basic steps to help you, but we still suggest you speak to a financial advisor to get further advice on this method.

This method is quite complicated but is more than worth the trouble if you’re a high-income earner, and the money is presumed to be remaining in the Roth account.

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