How To Find Undervalued Stocks

Undervalued stocks are stocks that end up being sold for under their assumed value. In the stock market, looking for undervalued stocks can be a very good way to make lots of money. 

How To Find Undervalued Stocks?

If you’re interested in investing in some undervalued stocks but you’re not sure where to find them, read on! This article will help you to seek out undervalued stocks (see also ‘How To Find Stocks Before They Break Out‘). 

What Are Undervalued Stocks?

Undervalued stocks refer to stocks that end up under their assumed value.

Often, undervalued stocks are stocks that have been profitable in the past.

They are stocks that are undervalued, so they have potential to be worth a lot of money one day but the stock market hasn’t yet noticed this. They are expected to undergo long-term growth one day. 

It is quite similar to something going on sale. If you see something in the store that is worth $50 and then it goes on sale for $40, this is similar to an undervalued stock. It is being sold for below what it is worth.

How Do Stocks Become Undervalued 

Often, stocks are undervalued because they are affected by the overall market.

The stock will be considered undervalued if the value is low, however, the companies of this stock have good statistics, such as good cash flow, balance sheets and a positive outlook for the future. 

For instance, if one sector of the market pulls down a certain stock, this can be why a certain stock within this sector can become undervalued.

For instance, if a stock in the technology sector is pulled down by the overall tech sector, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t trading at a greater discount in comparison to other companies in this sector. 

While it may seem like looking out for and investing in undervalued stock might be the best way forward, this isn’t always the case. There are downsides to seeking out undervalued stock to invest in. 

This is because, there might be a reason as to why the stock is trading below its value, but this reason might not be obvious.

For instance, the company could have problems within it that mean that its value is lowered.

This can be things such as poor financial management or changes in the structure of the company. 

When Did People Start Investing In Undervalued Stocks?

When Did People Start Investing In Undervalued Stocks

When the stock market becomes unstable and volatile, this is when things like undervalued stock become popular. 

A volatile stock market means that everything within it experiences a shift because people become worried and begin to sell their shares. 

During this time, if the prices lower, some investors will still buy because they are getting very valuable stock for a lower price.

They do this in the hope that the prices will then increase and they will experience a rise. 

How To Find Undervalued Stocks 

There are many ways to find undervalued stocks. If you are looking to add some of these undervalued stocks to your portfolio, follow these steps below. 

  1. Price-To-Earnings Ratio 

The first thing that you need to do is to have a look at the price-to-earnings ratio for the company. 

The PE ratio is worked out by doing a simple calculation. You will need to divide the stock price by the price of the earnings per share.

In order to work this out, you will need to first find the earnings per share.

This can be found by dividing the earnings from the company over the past 12 months by the number of shares that have been bought and are held by stockholders. 

If you find that a company with a low PE rating, this is a good way of telling whether the stock is valuable but at a low, undervalued price 

You should also look at a company’s market capitalization. This shows the value of the stocks which can tell you how much profit a company has made. 

  1. Look In Undervalued Sectors 

As mentioned above, how well a sector is doing can determine the price of a certain stock, despite this meaning that a company that is doing well can be affected by this. This leads to undervalued stocks. 

You should have a look at stocks in areas of the market where the whole sector is undervalued. 

For instance, if you are aware that the tech sector has declined recently, have a look for companies that declined with this decline.

Then, have a look at whether they still show potential for growth in the long term. 

  1. Research 

Use the stock screener to do your research and other things that your brokerage will provide for you.

Things like a stock screener will help you to look through the stock that is available by searching for certain things. You can find stock screeners in most brokerages. 

Before you choose to invest in a certain stock, make sure you understand why you have chosen it.

This will help you to make a good choice when it comes to investing and will prevent any rash decisions.

  1. New Industries 

There are often emerging industries that have low prices. When you refer to undervalued stocks, this doesn’t just refer to the stocks that have lowered in price from a previous time.

It can also refer to things that have never been high in price. They may be a new company.

When this happens, you should be careful not to invest too much too quickly as the stock can be unpredictable (see also ‘What Is Consolidation In Stocks?‘).

It might be a good idea, in this case, to invest a small amount and see how this progresses over time. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have a detailed step-by-step guide on how to find undervalued stocks, you should have no problem seeking out some of these stocks to invest in yourself.

Remember, you shouldn’t only invest in undervalued stocks, as it can be quite a risky investment, but it is a good way to find some stocks and diversify your portfolio!

Get searching for some undervalued stocks to invest in that are being sold for under their assumed value.

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