How To Get Whitelisted NFT

The world of NFTs is something that has boomed in recent years. Non Fungible Tokens have really taken the world by storm, and they are now a very popular investment route for many people.

Even though a lot of people are still unsure exactly what NFTs are.

How To Get Whitelisted NFT

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are financial security granted by digital data stored in a blockchain.

The ownership of the NFT is recorded in a ledger, and it is this ownership where the money in NFTs lies.

It is the ownership that allows NFTs to be sold and traded, sometimes for millions of dollars. 

If you want to invest in NFTs, then you should aim to be added to the whitelist. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at what this means, and how to get whitelisted for NFTs.

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What Is A Whitelisted NFT?

First things first, let’s take a look at what a whitelisted NFT is.

As we have mentioned, the world of NFTs is continually growing more and more popular as an investment route, with some NFTs selling for close to $100 million. But what is a whitelisted NFT?

Well, in the world of NFTs there is something known as the whitelist. Essentially, the whitelist is a list of people who have priority access to NFTs.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself on the whitelist, you will get early, and guaranteed, access to mint NFTs on a specific date and a specific time.

Pretty much, if you are on the NFT whitelist, you have the best chance of getting NFTs, and of making money in the process. 

So, a whitelisted NFT is a NFT that people on the whitelist get priority access to. They are NFTs which people on the whitelist have guaranteed early access to and they are usually related to new projects in the world of NFTs.

If you want to make a lot of money through NFTs, the whitelist is where you want to be. So, let’s take a look at how to get there.

How To Get Whitelisted NFTs

So, if you want access to whitelisted NFTs, you will have to get yourself onto the whitelist. There is no straightforward, foolproof way to get yourself onto an NFT whitelist, simply because spots differ from project to project. 

Whitelist positions are often given out as rewards, so if you have won a digital art competition, you might find yourself on the whitelist.

Likewise, you might just find yourself the lucky member of a discord channel who is given this priority spot.

While sometimes whitelist positions are given to those who “deserve” them, sometimes you might find yourself on the whitelist out of pure luck. That is why it is so difficult to say how to get yourself whitelisted. 

But, if getting yourself whitelisted is something that you are interested in, it might be helpful to know some of the most common ways in which whitelisting occurs. So, let’s take a look. 

Connecting With NFT Projects That Appeal To You

One of the best ways to increase your chances of being whitelisted for an NFT is to connect with projects that speak to you.

Look through upcoming NFT projects until you find one that you find compelling, then get connected. 

Once you are connected with an NFT project, you will usually be added to a discord, and required to go through a number of checks that prove you are human.

Once you are in the discord, there is usually a section named something like “how to whitelist”. This is the area of the discord to look at if you are interested in being whitelisted.

Do Your Research 

If there is an NFT that you are interested in, then you should do your research around it. As we have mentioned, some NFT projects will reward people with priority access to mint their NFT.

So, if you research the project that you are interested in, you might be able to find ways to get on the whitelist. 

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes NFT projects will give whitelisting as a reward for art competitions, and lots more.

So, if you research the project, you should be able to discover different opportunities for trying to get on that whitelist.

There really is no foolproof method for getting onto a whitelist, simply because different NFT projects handle their whitelist differently. But connecting with a project is a really good place to start.

How Long Does It Take To Get Whitelisted NFTs?

If you manage to successfully get yourself added to the whitelist for an NFT project, then you will be granted priority access to mint that NFT.

Usually, people on the whitelist will be given guaranteed early access to the NFT before it becomes available to the general public.

This early access will occur before general release, and it will be granted for a specific amount of time. Essentially, it works the same as early access for concert tickets. So, when does this priority access occur?

Typically speaking, most NFTs will give priority access to their whitelist in the 48 hours before the NFT is due for general release.

This allows those on the whitelist to mint the NFT without chain traffic, soaring gas fees, and competition.

Essentially, the whitelist is so small that during the 48-hour period, people will be able to mint the NFT, without any of the issues caused by general traffic. This is why it is so desirable to end up on an NFT whitelist.


In short, there is no clear way to get onto the whitelist for an NFT. This is because different NFT projects will add people to their whitelist for different reasons.

Some NFT projects will reward a certain number of people on their discord, while others might have different requirements in order to be on the whitelist. 

If you want to get on the whitelist for an NFT project, it is best to connect with that project. You can find out more about how to do this in the guide above. 

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Luke Baldwin