How To Buy Elongate Crypto

According to a report conducted by PYMNT, approximately 20% of adults in the U.S. may purchase through crypto.

One reason for this may be because cryptocurrencies ensure that payments or remittances are achievable when there are certain across the border or local government restrictions.

How To Buy Elongate Crypto

Likewise, generally, when being paid many freelancers prefer this through cryptocurrency as opposed to using PayPal, Payoneer, or your bank. 

Whether the reason to use crypto is more lucrative or convenient, you should contemplate the potential risks associated with them, as well as the specific attributes regarding cryptocurrencies while changing fiat.

With this in mind, this article is going to look into one particular altcoin that has brought much fascination into the world of crypto, and then how to purchase Elongate cryptocurrency.

What Is Elongate Cryptocurrency?

It is a social media site with an initiative that rewards its users for affirmative participation. It provides values for charities, corporations, and creators.

All the funds are delivered to users every month, whether this is transaction fees, adverts, or NFT sales. While the rewards that you may receive are distributed based on your engagement within the platform.

These rewards take the shape of spark tokens, any user that holds Elongate crypto then will be able to increase their sparks revenue (trade elongated).

If you receive over 1000 followers, the social media platform ‘Defi’ will allow people to sell a share regarding their profiles on the site. This enables a new and different approach for creators of content to start building up value. 

Built on Binance smart chain, Elongate provides a BEP 20 token. It provides fulfillment of approximately 500T while having an equal value burn of date. Below, you will find the address for the elongate crypto token:


Elongate is a social media platform designed for social impressions. While the platform has only been recently launched, it now has a population amassing 400,000 different media users and has managed to augment over $3.5 million for social impact and charities. 

Elongate features include:

  • A crypto lighting exchange combined into salesforce to allow clients to simply trade value using tokens. 
  • A platform that showcases the promising social media influence and not just focuses on Elongate charity is the ‘Social Impact Management Platform’, also known as SIMP. 
  • The stretch streaming platform’s central focus is on captivating content that delivers positive social impact. 
  • The media site Elongate spared focuses on rewarding its users, marketers, and content creators. 
  • The combination of NFTs and Gaming enables more usefulness for Elongate crypto.
  • Its communication site,, helps to manage all the different features. 

Built within a Binance ‘smart chain’, the Pancake swap takes place as a decentralized exchange. You can track transactions using a Bnb ‘block explorer’ to do so.

A token that is widely cheaper than Ethereum’s Uniswap is Binance’s Uniswap. 

Where Can I Buy Elongate crypto?

If you were considering where to purchase Elongate, you can do so on these different exchanges: 

  • The top preferred Binance chain token DEX is Pancakeswap. 
  • Elongatswap, Elongate native DEX is where you can trade for BUSD and BNB. 
  • Established in 2018, Mexcglobal features a centralized exchange that is highly functioning. 
  • Ranking as one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world through trading amounts is Bitmart. 
  • Founded in 2016, Llbank covers more than 210 different countries with over 6.2 million users. 

If you were to purchase $1000 in tokens for Elongate on Elongateswap, then $50 is delivered to the collective, $30 towards the pool of charities, and a final amount of $20 is dispatched to a liquidity pool. 

3 Steps To Buy Elongate On Pancakeswap

In order to purchase crypto using Pancake swap, you will firstly need BNB tokens and a Metamask wallet. 

Step 1: Set Up MetaMask Wallet 

  • On google chrome and install the Metamask extension 
  • Then, open the attachment for metamask 
  • Next, modify the network from being an Ethereum mainnet to the ‘custom RPC’. 
  • After, select the ‘Custom RPC’ and put in the BNB Smart Chain details you will find below: 

Network name: ‘BNB Smart Chain’ 

New RPC URL: ‘’

Chain ID: ‘56’

Symbol: ‘BNB BNB Block Explorer:’.

Once this has been completed, you can now add Elongate onto metamask. 

  • Clicking on the Metamask webpage, select the ‘import tokens’.
  • Choose ‘custom token’, then put in the following Elongate details 

Token Contract Address: 0x2A9718defF471f3Bb91FA0ECEAB14154F150a385

Token Symbol: ELONGATE 

Decimals of Precision: 9

  • Select the ‘import’ button. 

Step 2: Using Metamask, Deposit BNB

When using Pancakeswap’s exchange, you would need BNB in order to trade for Elongate. The other places that allow you to buy BNB are Binance, FTX, and 

  • Using Binance, purchase BNB tokens. 
  • Extract the BNB tokens to add to your metamask wallet. They charge an approximate $0.2  withdrawal fee per 0.0005 BNB. 
  • This transaction should only take around five minutes. 

Step 3: Trade your BNB tokens for Elongate using Pancakeswap. 

  • Using your PC, open Pancakeswap exchange. 
  • On the metamask extension, click ‘Binance Smart Chain’. 
  • When on Pancakeswap, select ‘Connect Wallet’. 
  • A pop-up should appear asking you to select your wallet, then select ‘Metamask’, ‘next’, and finally ‘connect’. 
  • Open the pancakeswap webpage. Press ‘cake’, then using the search bar, copy and paste the Elongate token address of: 0x2A9718defF471f3Bb91FA0ECEAB14154F150a385.
  • Select the ‘import’ button. 
  • Under the settings, change slippage to 12%. One thing to note is that you may have to directly set the max slippage in order to fill the order. 
  • Then, enter the value of BNB you want to exchange for Elongate. 
  • Select ‘swap’, and then an additional ‘confirm swap’. 
  • Next, from the metamask pop-up, complete the translation by confirming it. 
  • Once completed, you should receive a message saying ‘Transaction submitted’. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are beginning your crypto journey or have been investing for years, sometimes, buying different currencies can be confusing. Hopefully, this guide has informed you on how to buy Elongate crypto (see also ‘How To Short Crypto‘). 

Luke Baldwin