The 5 Best Gold IRA Companies For Smart Investing

Gold IRAs are a good source of stable growth. Compared to the stock market which is much more volatile, gold is more steady and will keep its value.

Most IRA investors are used to investing in stocks, funds, and bonds, certain accounts will allow you to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

The 5 Best Gold IRA Companies For Smart Investing

Unlike other IRA accounts, setting up and maintaining these accounts requires more aspects, such as management through a custodian. The gold must be purchased so that a custodian can look after it.

There are so many different companies offering different gold IRA services. Let’s look into the best gold IRA companies.

What Is A Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a type of retirement account that lets you own gold. It is better than a normal IRA account because you have the ability to invest in gold and other materials.

These are much more stable and steady than usual IRA accounts which simply let you invest in certain stocks. Gold IRA and normal IRAs have the same tax benefits.

Noble Gold – Lowest Minimum Investment




About Noble Gold

Noble Gold is a gold IRA company based in Pasadena. It was founded by two lifelong friends. They began it after they saw the profiteering in the valuable metals market.

They pride themselves on friendliness and honesty. The founders think that a longer term strategy is better.

Review Of Noble Gold

With Noble Gold, you will be protected if the stock market collapses. You will be faced with a very easy process that will allow you to reduce your tax liability and invest in gold and other precious metals.

This gold IRA will allow you to take control of your retirement and your future.

The Noble Gold IRA is great for many different reasons. This IRA has the lowest minimum investment requirement of just $2000.

It also comes with a buyback option that advocates a no-questions-asked policy. Noble gold allows for diverse metal investment options such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Noble Gold is a company that is marketing itself as one that reduces the threat that coronavirus poses by throwing the world into a recession.

Gold is a reliable, stable, and secure way of making money, and lots of investors are looking for protection in the form of gold.

Since the recession that was seen in 2008, the price of gold has shot up.

It is important to investors to protect their retirement and their wealth by investing in assets that will remain valuable and will not decrease, or will even increase during tumultuous financial times.

Noble Gold is a very experienced company based in Pasadena, California. The company has over 20 years of experience with both IRAs and gold.

The introduction process to the gold IRA is a big pro of Noble Gold as they have a very simple and easy 5-minute process to set up.

Customer service is also a big plus and the customers of Noble Gold always mention how helpful and knowledgeable they are.

The main thing that they rave about is their strength in explaining the process of investing.

Everyone who signs up for an IRA with them gets an account manager who helps you individually with any queries you may have and helps you to understand all you need to know.

As well as this, you can ask for a Noble Gold survival pack which will help you to understand your IRA.

This company is too good to be true with the things that it offers you. It has a $2000 minimum for a gold IRA along with reliability and great customer service.

Noble gold have three IRA accounts. These include the gold IRA, silver IRA and royal survival packs.

The gold IRA is an account that works using gold coins and bars to replace the paper stocks. The metals are kept and you fund the gold which is a very good investment (see also ‘How To Start An Investment Fund‘).

A silver IRA is like a normal IRA account but you buy silver coins and bars rather than paper stocks and bonds. Again, the silver is stored for you and it is a solid and stable investment.

The royal survival packs come into play when you want to purchase the metals outright. Through this means, you can buy different combinations of metals. This can be sold or liquidated if you need it.

Noble gold offers a range of different precious metals. You don’t have to just choose gold. There is also silver (see also ‘Is Silver A Good Investment?‘) and bronze. They have the best metals (see also ‘How To Invest In Cobalt‘) out there and a great buyback program.


    • Customer service is great.

    • Offers you the ability to learn the system with great introduction information and an easy setup process.

    • Has a $2000 dollar minimum, lower than any other.


    • Noble Gold has only been active since 2017 so it doesn’t have a long history and a long-standing reputation.

Augusta Precious Metals: Best All-Rounder




About Augusta Precious Metals

This company was founded in the US in 2012 and it was chosen as the best IRA company in the US by Joe Montana and his financial team.

Review Of Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a very common company that more and more people turn to and rave about. This company offers so many different services that many of its competitors do not offer.

This service specializes in precious metals, specifically gold and silver IRAs. Augusta is a top choice of company for your gold IRA.

One of the positives of this company is the excellent customer service. The company hardly receives any complaints from their customers.

One way that they keep their customer service so successful is their no-commission sales staff. This means that the sales staff will not put too much pressure on you in order to make a sale.

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in 2012 and it delivers investment options that are centered around education. It is one of the biggest companies to offer gold IRAs.

The education-centered approach that they take is enhanced by the option to attend a one-on-one web conference with a Harvard economist – Devlyn Steele.

These additions to their service are what has given Augusta its good name.

Augusta has lots of high-profile clients such as Joe Montana who asked his financial advisor for guidance on its competitive prices, transparency, and reputation.

This company focuses solely on precious metals IRAs which means that there is nothing in relation to this that this company hasn’t seen.

This company really is an expert in this field as it puts 100 percent of its focus on gold IRAs.

This company has been successful over a long period of time and is highly skilled in this type of investment.


    • Augusta Precious Metals has thousands of great reviews and top ratings.

    • There is a free one-on-one educational conference available by a Harvard economist.

    • They offer a great buy-back program.

    • There is an easy and stress-free IRA program available.


    • This company offers a very high minimum deposit of $50,000.

Goldco Precious Metals: Best Price




About Goldco

Golco is a gold company that offers help to their clients in securing their financial assets through selling them gold. This private company was founded in Woodland Hills, California in 2006 and it has been very successful ever since.

Goldco is very successful and this particular company is known for producing great quality at a good price.

Review Of Goldco’s Gold IRA

Goldco Precious Metals specialize in gold IRAs and silver IRAs. This company has many years of experience as they were founded in 2006, before a lot of their competitors.

They have fantastic feedback from clients and are a very popular choice of company when it comes to opening a gold IRA.

Goldco is great for its customer service and it will never rush or push you to go in a direction you do not wish to go in. It was named one of the fastest-growing companies.

Goldco is great at what it does. It has coins and bullion bars available in secure vaulting, as part of a gold IRA or directly to a clients home.

These metals are all there to help to protect the client’s wealth by allowing them to have assets which are diverse and different from other assets.

Goldco is a very established company in the Gold IRA field. They do also provide regular IRA accounts, but they offer high quality gold, platinum and silver.

Goldco’s team of over 60 are highly trained as brokers and investment professionals are another reason why Goldco is so successful.

They are always on hand to help to advise you and give you more information on your investment plans.

When it comes to transfers and rollovers, Goldco is great. They help you to take advantage of the special tax breaks that are on offer when you are buying certain bullion products.

The IRS has relaxed certain rules and so people in the US are able to buy precious metals while getting some tax reductions at the same value.

For instance, you will be given 3 and a half ounces of gold for every 10 ounces that you buy if you are in the 35 percent bracket.

Goldco not only encourages this, but they actively help you to understand the role of gold and silver in your stability should another recession hit. There are useful guides provided.


    • Goldco offers bonuses for new customers.

    • There is great support for those who are investing in gold IRA’s for the first time.

    • They offer a great buyback program which gives the highest payout of any other company.


    • Minimum investment is quite high at $25,000.

    • There are some account fees involved.

American Hartford Gold: Best Buyback Scheme




About American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a metals broker. It is a Californian based company that opened its doors in 2015.

Sanford Mann is the company’s CEO and he is very highly esteemed. He was recently in Forbes magazine.

Review Of American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is a very successful company for providing gold IRAs. It works with investors mainly and helps them to diversify their assets by investing in gold.

This will protect them from the stock market volatility, keeping their assets much more secure and stable.

American Hartford Gold offers excellent customer service and they take each individual customer’s success very seriously.

The education options that they provide also allow them to take their customers’ success seriously as they can teach themselves how this works.

This company offers updates and news on the market.

Staying up to date with what is happening is crucial because you need to know what is happening in the market so that you can protect your assets when necessary.

This company will take care of you throughout the whole process and will ensure that you have the ability to buy your metals back at any point.

This is a great buyback scheme and it is arguably the best on the market.

There is also an option for quick delivery where you can have the metals delivered straight to your door at no charge.

The customer service for this company is very strong and the ability to rely on your financial company makes a huge difference to your finances.

They will be one step ahead of the curve, ready to tell you about all the changes and aid you in any way that they can. The quality of this information sets it aside from lots of others.

This company is experienced. The trust that has been built up over time has become worth a lot and has carved out a place for itself within the community.

Very big names use these gold IRA accounts and this means that the companies are smart investing. These big names, however, might not be enough for all of you.

You might wish to do your own research and build up your own trust.

One of the reasons that this company has earned trust is that it has been around for a long time. It has developed a solid customer base in this time filled with loyal customers.

Out of all of the gold investment companies, there are few like American Harford Gold. This company is long lasting and established and is built full of trust.


    • This is an experienced company who have built themselves up over time.

    • The customer service at this company is very good.


    • The fees can change.

Birch Gold Group: Best Customer Education




About Birch Gold

Birch Gold has been described as a step above the rest. OVer the years, it has developed a very loyal customer base.

Birch Gold Review

Birch Gold Group has a strong aim in mind and that is to meet their personal investing goals. This company has a very low startup requirement.

This company prides themselves on letting the client know what is happening at all times so that they can make good investment decisions.

Birch Gold Group is known for working with lots of celebrity clients because of the reputation that it maintains.

Birch Gold Group has very high ratings because of their fantastic customer reviews.

They have specialists who are always free to chat and they are available to explain stock market information and how this applies to you.

This allows the clients to feel very empowered and they are able to make their own decisions about their finances. This is a great thing for a company to provide.

The low startup investment of $10,000 is great, it allows the client extra control and empowerment.


    • Low startup costs.

    • High ratings for customer service.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a gold IRA company to invest your future in is a very serious decision and the amount of options out there can be very serious.

As an investor, it is important to choose a safe place to deposit your gold and a custodian that you can trust wholeheartedly.

Most gold IRA companies work alongside a custodian for which you can choose a depository.

The right IRA company for you should have many different qualities and choosing it can be very difficult.


Legitimacy is a very important factor when you are choosing your gold IRA company. Whoever you choose you should always ensure that the company is insured and licensed.

This will give you the peace of mind to be reassured that your investment is in the best hands possible. You should look past positive customer reviews here!

While they are a good thing to look at, they are not a good thing to rely wholly on as they are not always correct.

Instead, you should choose an IRA company that is fully licensed in your state.

Another thing to look at to check legitimacy is the Better Business Bureau rating (BBB). The higher this rating is, the better the company’s legitimacy and reliability is.

Reviews are not always reliable because there will always be people who don’t think the services are up to scratch.

Sometimes, the companies will have low review ratings, but you should look into this further to see if this is correct for you.


It is very important that the company that you chose to smart invest in is being transparent with you.

You should have regular information from them that detail the accurate investments that you are participating in.

Make sure that when you sign a contract, there are no hidden costs. For instance, there may be some hidden charges or some hidden information.

If you ensure that the company is transparent, you will be able to properly assess risks and make decisions.

They should also be reliable as well as transparent. This is so that you can rely on asking them questions and not being left in the lurch.


Reputation is a very important part of choosing a company for your gold IRA! For this, it is fair enough to look into the reviews on the company’s site.

There are plenty of scam sites out there and it is essential that you identify them so that you don’t get scammed.

Make sure that these are from reliable websites and sources, though, as it is essential that you don’t get misled. Most successful companies that you can rely on will have tons of positive reviews from clients.

The Experience They Offer

A company with more experience is always a plus. If you are dealing with a business that has been in the industry a long time, they will have lots of experience with doing what they do.

This will mean that they have a headstart on the newer companies.

So much of this business is related to patterns and knowledge, and, as we all know, time brings knowledge!

Most of the gold IRA companies will display this information on their website.

They will display the year they set up their business, as well as the number of accounts that they have opened and dealt with successfully by generating results.

This will give you a clear insight into the experience and expertise of the company.

You are trusting this company with a big investment, so you should be sure that they have the experience to give you the most from the investment!


Trust is a key part of choosing the best gold IRA company for you.

You need to make sure that the company has established some long term loyal customers because this will indicate that this company is trustworthy.

While looking through the reviews can give a good reflection of the trust that the company has accumulated, you have to remember that this is not entirely reliable.

Some reviews are not accurate and so you should be careful with the reviews that you take notice of. Make sure that they are on reputable sites.


Effective communication is the most important part of good relationships, and this is also true in the relationships between you and your IRA company.

You need to make sure that your chosen company for smart investment wants to and can regularly update you on the investments.

There is a lot of money tied up in these accounts, and you need to work with someone who you trust and who is responsive to your needs.

Make sure that there is a clear and easy line of communication from your IRA company to you at all times!


The fee is one of the most important factors in setting up your gold IRA account. You should focus on the costs that are involved in the gold IRA account.

Certain companies will offer fixed fees which may be perfect for you, while others set their fees based on the size of your investment.

This is something that you should discuss with your chosen company, and you should ensure that they are allowed to explain their fees in detail.

Fees are something that a lot of people overlook, however, it is essential that you don’t do this as this could be the make or break of the deal for your chosen company!


The low startup investment is essential when it comes to choosing your best gold IRA companies.

What you can do in reference to this will depend on how much money you have to invest or whether you want to start out on a large investment or a smaller one.

Gold IRA Information Available

The amount of information that is available is very important to understand.

There are many different legal codes available and you want to choose a company that is easily accessible and has lots of information for investors to understand what they’re getting into.

Each company covers different details and it is important that there is plenty of information provided.


Whether or not you can roll over other IRA accounts or other financial investments free of tax is a very important question when it comes to choosing the best gold IRA company for you.

Many brokers allow no-fee rollovers which means that you won’t be charged to transfer this money.

If you’re not sure about this, or any of their other regulations, you should ask to be sure that you are getting the smart investment that you are looking for. You can usually rollover things like:

    • IRA

    • 401k or 403k

    • Pensions

    • TSP (thrift savings strategies)

    • SEP or SIMPLE

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Gold Can You Put In A Gold IRA?

You can decide how much gold you want to put into your account. This is dependent on the amount of money you have, your comfort level and your needs.

It is advised that, whatever you choose to invest, you put between 4 and 20 percent of this in gold.

What Type Of Gold Can I Invest In My IRA Account?

You are able to invest physical gold into your IRA accounts. The government only allows gold bars and gold coins to be invested into these gold IRA accounts.

It is also possible to invest platinum (see also ‘Is Platinum A Good Investment?‘) or silver into these accounts.

This gold will usually be stored in an approved storage facility, and it cannot be stored at home in most cases. This is for obvious security reasons.

What Are Some Pros Of A Gold IRA?

The ability to diversify your portfolio. Diversifying your portfolio as an investor is a very good idea. You should increase the number of assets that you have.

If you are already often investing in stocks and bonds, you should then also invest in gold through an IRA as well as other precious metals.

This is because gold is in constant demand and it has the potential to provide stability to assets.

The ability to protect against changing and difficult markets. In difficult times, such as during coronavirus, the market gets quite complicated.

Because of a volatile market, this doesn’t mean that you should stop investing. Make sure that you protect your assets. Investing in gold can help with this due to the stability of its value.

Gold doesn’t lose value. Gold is a great choice for investments because it holds onto its value. By investing in gold, you are protecting your assets from the ups and downs.

What Are Some Cons Of A Gold IRA?

While gold IRAs have many positives, there are also many cons of a gold IRA, these include:

Limited access to your funds. The IRA accounts, just like any other, will not allow you to have access to your money immediately.

You might find yourself in need to access this money immediately, and you won’t be able to.

For instance, you might need access to these funds because you have lost a job or you need to pay some medical bills.

This is the case with all retirement funds and not just these gold IRAs. Occasionally, you may be able to draw some funds from your IRA without having to pay any penalties, but this doesn’t happen very often.

You can’t keep the gold at home. You may want to keep your gold at home, but a gold IRA doesn’t allow you to do this. This is because the gold must be managed by a custodian who is IRS approved.

However, it is probably a good thing because there is a very high risk if you do choose to store the gold at home.

You have to start taking bits of your retirement fund out when you turn 72. However, if you like, you can take these out in the form of gold, which means that you can keep the gold.

There are a lot of fees associated with having a gold IRA account. For instance, there are set up fees, gold storage fees, account maintenance fees and other types of fees.

Fee structures are very competitive as people place a lot of importance on them.

The best fee structures to go for are those that charge a flat fee because then the fee doesn’t go up even if you own a lot more gold.

It is important to think about the fee structure, however, because often gold can mean that you make lots of money but the cost of fees can eat away at this.

Can I Move Retirement Companies?

You can move retirement companies without experiencing any taxes or penalties. You simply have to move the money from one account to another.

The only tax you will have to pay will come if you don’t reinvest the retirement money into the other gold IRA in the 60 days following the withdrawal of this cash.

This is to prevent you withdrawing the cash and spending it elsewhere.

What Are The Rules Of A Gold IRA?

A gold IRA has a lot of the same rules as the normal IRA account. Through this account, you are not able to invest in certain things such as collectables.

You will also have a maximum yearly contribution so that you can’t put lots of money in at once. In 2022, this number is $7000 for over 50s and $6000 for under 50s.

You will also have a required minimum amount that you have to invest when you are 72 years old.

If you want to distribute or take out your assets before you turn 60, then you will experience extra penalties.

Just like other IRAs, any assets in the gold IRA must be handled and managed by the IRA custodian. Your gold IRA assets must be stored in a certain way and with a depository.

How Do You Invest In Gold?

If you are looking for a good way to invest in gold, gold IRAs (see also ‘What Is A Gold IRA? And How Does It Work?‘) are definitely the best answer for you. No matter when your retirement is due, it is never too late to invest in your retirement.

IRA’s are usually best for those who don’t have access to your retirement plans. When you are using a gold IRA, you should get tax advantages on top of the security that owning gold provides.

The first step to investing in gold is opening a gold IRA. This is very simple. You can open and manage your account easily.

You just need to ensure that you have a trustee who can help you to do this. The trustee will be responsible for holding the gold that you invest in.

Gold IRAs offer the opportunity to rollover your assets as well as some other tax advantages like other retirement accounts. It is possible to roll over your assets into the gold IRA from things like your 401k.

How Do You Buy Gold And Precious Metal?

When you have opened up your gold IRA, you can begin to transfer money into the account which will, in turn, let you buy physical gold (see also ‘Is It Worth It To Buy Gold In 2022?‘).

You can opt to move the money from an existing account into this IRA account. If you choose this route, you won’t owe any taxes as this is within the retirement plan.

You could opt to deposit a certain amount of money into your account every year and buy gold with this.

What Is A Better Investment Than Gold?

Silver is a better investment option than gold (see also ‘Gold vs. Silver: Which Should You Invest In?‘). Silver and gold both require storage and both can also be sold for a lot of money.

Can You Add Gold You Already Own To Your Account?

Unfortunately, you can’t add gold that you already own. The only time that you can do something like this is when you are making a rollover or a transfer.

The only way that you can add gold to your account is by purchasing it with funds that are in the account.

The metals also then have to go to the metal storage facility of the custodian. Metals that you own can’t be added to your gold account due to IRS regulations.

Gold IRA Additional Fees

Gold IRAs come with lots of additional fees that you wouldn’t see on a normal IRA.

These include things like:

    • Fees to set up the account which range from around $50 to a few hundred. If you make a larger deposit, you may not be charged a fee to set up.

    • An annual maintenance fee which the custodian will charge to oversee the account.

    • Seller fees which will be needed to buy gold.

    • Fees to store the gold. You must may for the gold to be stored securely. You will likely be charged a flat rate for this.

Are Gold IRAs Secure?

Gold IRAs are very secure. Gold is a physical possession and so it is very important that this gold is stored in an insured vault.

However, even this is not enough to ensure that the gold remains safe. There is always a chance of burglary and even the most secure vault can be broken into.

You should make sure that the IRA that you opt for stores its gold in a legitimate depository and make sure that you do your research.

You should also ensure that your gold is secure when it is stored. There are certain storage facilities that are listed on the list of companies for gold IRA for smart investing.

Who Looks After The Gold In A Gold IRA?

The gold in a gold IRA is held by a trustee who is responsible for looking after the gold. This is looked after for the investor as it needs to be kept safe and secure.

Typically, the independent trustee is chosen to look after the gold. It doesn’t matter too much where the gold is stored.

The thing that matters most is the knowledge that the gold is stored safely so that it doesn’t get stolen or damaged. Often, they are stored in vaults that have to be approved by the companies to make sure that they’re secure.

Gold IRA vs Physical Gold

A gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a type of retirement account that allows you to invest in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as other precious metals. The metals are held in a secure storage facility, known as a depository, on your behalf. One of the main advantages of a gold IRA is that your investments are protected from inflation and market volatility, as the value of precious metals tends to increase during times of economic uncertainty.

Physical gold, on the other hand, refers to gold bullion or coins that you own and store yourself, rather than having them held in a depository. One of the main advantages of owning physical gold is that you have direct control over it, and you can physically hold it in your possession. However, owning physical gold can also have its own set of challenges and it is important to consider the storage and security costs associated with it.

Ultimately, the choice between a gold IRA and physical gold will depend on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. It is important to consult with a financial advisor and do your own research to determine the best option for you.

 IRA Companies Gold in 2023

There are several companies that offer gold IRAs, which are a type of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that allows you to invest in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as other precious metals. Some reputable companies that offer gold IRAs include:

  1. Regal Assets: This company offers a wide range of precious metals and has a good reputation for customer service.

  2. Goldco: This company specializes in precious metals IRAs and has a reputation for being transparent and easy to work with.

  3. Birch Gold Group: This company has been in business for over a decade and offers a wide range of precious metals and educational resources.

  4. Advantage Gold: This company offers a wide range of precious metals and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

  5. American Bullion: This company has been in business for over a decade and offers a wide range of precious metals and educational resources.

It is important to do your own research and due diligence when choosing a company to invest with, as well as understanding the fees and storage costs associated with a gold IRA. It is also important to check the company’s track record, and customer reviews for their services.


Final Thoughts

So, now you have a detailed list of the 5 best gold IRA companies for smart investing. These companies are all very reliable and they all have their own pros and cons.

It is very important to choose a gold IRA (see also ‘How Do I Set Up A Gold IRA?‘) company that suits you.

Luke Baldwin