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  • Thousands of Intelligence Documents Opened under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act
    U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
    May 13, 2004
    Chase National Bank, Jewish Accounts, and Nazi Germany
    "Over half a million alone went to Chase National Bank and its subagents. The financial houses understood that the German government paid the commissions through the sale of discounted, blocked Marks that came mainly from Jews who had fled Germany. In fact these financial houses, especially Chase, were most eager to increase the scope of their business after the Nazi anti-Jewish pogrom known as Kristallnacht in November 1938, when Jewish emigration from Germany reached its height."
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • J.P. Morgan (J.P. Morgan Chase & Company) (USA)

  • NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Turning History into Justice: Holocaust-Era Assets Records, Research, and Restitution
    U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
    War and Civilization Lecture University of North Carolina-Wilmington, North Carolina
    April 19, 2001
    Greg Bradsher
    From the end of World War II until five years ago the Holocaust was primarily viewed as the greatest murder in history. And indeed it was. But since the spring of 1996 it has become ever more apparent that the Holocaust was also the greatest robbery in history. The Nazi-era witnessed the direct and indirect theft of well over $150 billion of tangible assets of victims of Nazi persecution.
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
    • Allianz AG (Germany)
    • Ford Motor Company (USA)
    • Nestlé S.A. (Nestle) (Switzerland)

  • NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - My Search for 'GOLD' at the National Archives (SAA Conference Session Archivists Alchemy: Turning Records into Nazi Gold
    U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
    Friday, August 27, 1999
    We learned that Switzerland supplied the Nazi regime with foreign exchange and war materials, and continued this trade long after any real threat of invasion. In the words of a 1945 Treasury Department memo, "as late as April 1945, the Swiss were in cahoots with the Germans."
    ...German companies such as Volkswagen and Siemens that profited from the use of slave labor.
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Siemens AG (Germany)
    • Societe General de Surveillance (Switzerland)
    • Volkswagen AG (Germany)

  • NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Insurance in the National Socialist Period: Sources and Research Problems
    U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
    Gerald D. Feldman
    December 1998
    Among company names appearing in this article are:
    • Allianz AG (Germany)
    • Swiss Reinsurance (Switzerland)

  • NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Marta's List: The Pursuit of Holocaust Survivors' Lost Insurance Claims
    U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
    By Steven Sullivan
    This Article appears in the July/August 1998 issue of Contingencies: American Academy of Actuaries
    The Nazi solution was simple: Don't pay.
    Letters on insurance company letterhead to the Third Reich that point to enthusiastic complicity in the denial of insurance proceeds to Jews.
    Company names appearing in this article are:
    • Adriatica (now a subsidiary of Allianz AG) (Germany)
    • Basler Leben
    • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
    • Reunione Adriatica di Sicurth (now owned by Allianz AG) (Germany)
    • Winterthur (now owned by AXA) (Switzerland)
    • AXA (Switzerland)

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U.S. Senate Banking Committee

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