How To Buy Gamestop Stocks

If you have an interest in the stock market, then chances are you have heard of Gamestop and its rise in the market. 

Gamestop is an american company that sells video games, electronics, and other related products, which has seen a recent boom in the stock market.

How To Buy Gamestop Stocks

Because of this, Gamestop has become a point of interest among investors, who are purchasing shares in the company to benefit from its recent success. 

But how do you purchase Gamestop shares? In the article below, we will teach you how to buy Gamestop stocks and what you will need to start your new investment

What Is Gamestop? 

Gamestop is an american company that sells video games, electronics, and other related products, which was founded in 1984. 

Since its initial opening, Gamestop has become a notable brand in the video game industry and now operates across 5000 stores worldwide.

Because of this, Gamestop has become a point of interest with investors, as it remains one of the most lucrative brands available on the stock market. 

However, this does not mean that you should invest (see also ‘How To Invest Stock In Nike‘) in Gamestop, as the final decision will depend on the consideration of several factors.

For example, the company saw an increase in share price in 2021, which garnered much attention from potential investors. Since then the price has gone down, but the company’s reputation could result in more bullish and notable assets. 

During the pandemic, Gamestop had to close over 450 locations due to poor sales, which could compromise the company’s future assets.

However, recent reports have shown that the company intends to improve its business through digital operations such as an NFT marketplace

Where Can You Buy Gamestop Stocks? 

If you are still interested in purchasing Gamestop stocks, then there are various broker sites that you can use. 

These include the following platforms: 

  • Etoro
  • Avatrade

Now that you know where to purchase Gamestop stocks, let’s take a detailed look at the actual process and what you will need to do.

How To Buy Gamestop Stocks 

Once you have decided to purchase Gamestop stocks, you will need to consider what lies ahead. In most cases, becoming a shareholder in a company is a simple and straightforward process, although it does come with some obstacles. 

In the following guide, we have outlined the investment process (see also ‘How To Invest In Royalty Income‘) and what you will need to ensure the best results: 

Step One: Find A Broker 

When it comes to purchasing Gamestop stocks, you will need to find a broker that is able to trade in the company’s shares, as only a select few have been granted such access.

It is also important to find a broker that suits your status, as some brokers do not allow normal citizens to open an account, with some even requiring a charge for their services.

Because of this, we recommend seeking out a broker that is either free or charges a small amount to purchase another company’s shares. 

Step Two: Open A Broker Account 

Once you have found a broker that you trust, you will need to open an account, which is very similar to opening a bank account.

Because of this, you should be able to complete the process entirely online, although this will depend on the broker and the information that they need.

For example, some broker accounts can take minutes to open, while others can take days due to background checks and other requirements. 

When the account has been set up, you will use it to hold your shares, which is another reason why brokers are so important. 

Step Three: Deposit The Money 

When it comes to purchasing Gamestop stocks, you will use cash, which will need to be sent to your broker first. In most cases, this process is extremely simple and can be completed in less time than it took to open your account.

The most common method is to send the money through a bank transfer. However, some broker accounts will also use funds taken from your electronic wallet. 

Step Four: Purchase The Stocks

After you have opened your account and transferred the cash, you can start looking at the stocks you want to purchase. To do this, you will need to access your brokerage account and search for the Gamestop shares.

Once you have done this, you can insert the number of shares you want to buy and finalize the transaction, which should initiate the purchase of the stocks. 

During this process, you will be given the option of different order types, which include market order, limit order, and stock order.

The market order allows investors to purchase the stock for the actual market price, while limit orders allow you to set the price at which you want to buy the share. 

In most cases, these order types are the only ones you will need to consider, as stop orders can only be purchased once they reach their designated price. 

Step Five: Review Your Position

Once you have purchased stock, you will need to start monitoring your investments (see also our guide to investing in wheat), as this could make the difference between good stocks and bad stocks.

For example, if you learn more about the company, you may be able to determine whether the stock’s value will increase or decrease in the future. 

If you want to sell the stock once its price increases, you can use various management tools to ensure a decent profit. Some tools allow investors to set a target price at which to sell the stock, while others use stop orders (see also ‘How To Set Stop Loss On Webull‘) to avoid potential loss. 

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing Gamestop stocks is a simple and straightforward process that requires potential investors to open a broker account and transfer their funds into their online wallets.

Once you have these tools at your disposal, you will be able to purchase the stocks without issue, although you will have to decide whether you want a market or limit order. It is also important to keep an eye on the stock price to see if it will increase in the future.

Luke Baldwin