How To Get NFTs For Free

NFTS are big business, with many of them selling for upwards of a million dollars a pop. There was even one that sold for almost 70 million dollars – can you believe it!

But I guess what’s even harder to believe is that you can pick some great NFTs completely free of charge.

How To Get NFTs For Free

Now, I’m not  saying you can make a whole lot of money on them.

But with so many valued so highly, it stands to reason that you can easily make at least some money if you manage to bag an NFT or two for free.

You might be thinking that the only way to get yourself an NFT for free is by actually making one yourself.

And while that is an excellent method of doing so, and is very rewarding, I’m very pleased to report that it’s certainly not the only way to get an NFT for free!

In this article, I’m going to talk about the possibility of making your own NFT (see also ‘How Much Does It Cost To Create An NFT?‘) before giving you a quick run-through of ways to score a ready-made NFT for free, or at the very least for a bargain price.

By the time we get to the wrap up at the end of the article, you will  be much more well-informed, and will be in a position to choose which method you want to use to score a free NFT.

Please feel free to scroll ahead to any section that jumps out at you. Here goes.

Creating Your Very Own NFT

If you consider yourself sufficiently creative, you could consider creating your own NFT. You could make an interesting picture or piece of music, for example.

You will need to choose an NFT platform and payment wallet, but you won’t need to learn any coding if you use the NFT Collection Generator.

And creating NFTs can be free if you use Lazy Minting, although you may need to pay a fee for the use of your payment wallet.

There’s literally no end to what NFT collection you can achieve this way. And if you wish to, you can exchange your NFTs for other NFTs if you think they will be more valuable in the long run.

Twitter NFT Giveaways

A lot of NFT creators promote their projects on Twitter, and in order to boost their profile, they will launch free NFT giveaways on there. 

The issue with this method however is that you’re not guaranteed to win, and even after you follow the tweets, retweet them, share them on your profile and tag all your friends, you may not get an NFT at the end of it all.

But that said, the more such giveaways you take part in, the greater your chances of winning one.

Participate In NFT Airdrops

An NFT airdrop is basically a marketing strategy whereby to generate hype, NFT creators send free NFTs to crypto wallets provided that those wallets meet certain conditions.

It’s not as easy to get a free NFT this way compared to a Twitter giveaway, they aren’t as easily accessible, and you usually either have to be an active member of a particular community for an exclusive airdrop, or for a standard airdrop they are given in exchange for social media promotion.

Playing Play-To-Earn Games

Playing Play-To-Earn Games

If you head over to, you can earn yourself free NFTs just by playing games.

In some cases it can take a little effort on your part, but the best thing is that there’s no upfront cost, and you can go ahead and start playing for free.

This is one of my favorite methods of getting free NFTs because it’s the most fun, and you have better odds than if you were to simply enter a giveaway.

If you decide that you want to go down this route, I recommend that you follow a few of the top NFT gaming streamers on Discord and such.

That way, you can learn which NFT games are hot right now, as well as how to bump up your odds of winning free NFT tokens.

Use Your Social Media Following To Sponsor NFTs

If you have a strong social media presence and following, you can leverage that to gain favor with NFT creators. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Discord are good for this.

First, you will have to source some projects that you think might have some real potential, and then you reach out to their accounts, offering to promote their accounts, via sponsor posts, to help them gain traction.

And in return, you ask them for some free NFTs.

This method doesn’t necessarily require a massive following, really, and the trickiest part is working out who to approach and negotiating a trade.

Buy NFTs At A Cheaper Price At A Presale

OK, so technically, the NFTs you get through this method aren’t free. But, you might be able to score yourself a very significant discount if you do it right…

Most NFT promoters like to drum up interest prior to the actual public launch, and they will organize what’s called a presale, and is also known as a pregame, or star list.

This is an opportunity to grab an NFT at a cheaper price than it would reach if it went all the way through to the big public launch.

The trick to this is finding out about the presale in the first place. You could go to and look for games on presale, or follow the Discord or Twitter profiles for your favorite NFT creators.

Wrap Up

Getting yourself a free NFT, by whatever means works for you, is a great way to get a taste for the NFT market. And each method has its pros and cons, and different degrees of ease.

A quick word of caution, though – there are scammers out there, so proceed with care. 

But provided you stick with authoritative accounts and prominent websites, you should do just fine. Best of luck to you!

Luke Baldwin